Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nails Care Tips

Nails Care Tips:-

1.   Your nails are going to reflect what you eat. If you are living on burgers and fries, don't expect your nails to be strong and healthy. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. Add a tub of yogurt and you are on your way.

2.   Get into the habit of wearing rubber gloves as often as possible. You often forget the abuse your nails actually take. Consider how often they are in water... just for starters.

3.   Gardening is another seemingly harmless activity that all the summer magazines suggest to you. While I agree that the exercise is a plus, it's not so great on your nails. I use gardening gloves and my nails still get dirty, but it's better than nothing and I have no broken nails at the end of the day.

4.    While watching tv, moisturize your hands AND nails with your favorite hand lotion. It's not only relaxing, it helps strengthen the nails.

5.   Cuticles can also use a little attention, but go gently. They need to be pampered and dry cuticles also contribute to hangnails, so be sure to spend a little time on them daily.

6.   Luckily at the moment, nails are fashionably short. That means that there is less nail to snap off and that is a bonus. Keep them trimmed and your nails will last longer.

7.   While some nails benefit from not using polish, mine seem to love the stuff. If they are polished, I seem to notice them more and devote a little more attention to them. They really seem to like that.

8.   Keep emery boards everywhere. The worse thing that can happen to pretty nails is a snag and your teeth.

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